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Minosse Dining Table #11633

by Yoshiharu Hatano for Naos
Minosse Dining Table $5,280.00
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  • description

    The Minosse dining table features extensive utility and a sophisticated demeanor. With several rectangular and barrel sizes to choose from and a sculptural base to complement its vast customization, the dining table is one-of-a-kind. The top and extensions come in a variety of glass and ceramic finishes while the base is available in an assortment of metal finishes.

    Designed by Yoshiharu Hatano for Naos and manufactured in Italy for unquestionable quality, the Minosse dining table is a must-have product. The two synchronized extensions at either end of the table are simple to use daily. The mechanisms on each side make it easy to pull or push out the extensions that create a larger or smaller table in seconds.

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Naos is a pioneer in industrial modern Italian design that focused on movement and reinvention of objects. Offering original products both in design as well as in how they function, Naos products include innovative extension dining and coffee tables.
  • details
    • Designed by Yoshiharu Hatano
    • Available in rectangular and barrel shapes in several sizes 
    • The top comes in glass or ceramic finishes 
    • The base is available in various metal options 
    • Manufactured in Italy
  • dimensions
    • 63" - 94½"W × 39½"D × 29½"H
    • 63" - 94½"W × 43¼"D × 29½"H
    • 70¾" - 102¼"W × 39½"D × 29½"H
    • 70¾" - 102¼"W × 43¼"D × 29½"H
    • 78¾" - 110¼"W × 39½"D × 29½"H
    • 78¾" - 110¼"W × 43¼"D × 29½"H
  • design

    designed by

    Yoshiharu Hatano

    Yoshiharu Hatano is an accomplished designer who collaborates with Naos and has created many eye-catching and innovative products through this prestigious brand. His designs are revolutionary and incorporate movement to transform the shape and size of the products. Through a unique mechanism, his tables get larger or smaller to accommodate as many people as needed. Hatano also incorporates geometry into his designs for a stylish feature that looks great in a contemporary setting.

    manufactured by


    Since the mid-1980s Naos has been a pioneer in industrial design that centrally focused on movement and reinvention of objects. Offering truly original products both in design as well as in how they function, Naos product groups include innovative extension dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, and shelving solutions. Many of the dining tables expand at the touch of a button or from a unique mechanism, and some coffee tables rotate smoothly to show off different levels and instantly create ample space for belongings.

    With cutting edge technology, the most sophisticated materials like chromed metal, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, and glass, Naos presents visually impactful furniture elements that are futuristically prevalent and present-day need fulfilling at once. The combination of movement, functionality, and eye-catching aesthetics make Naos one of the best modern furniture companies on the market.

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    Minosse Dining Table

    Minosse Dining Table

    by Yoshiharu Hatano for Naos
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  • product q&a 1

    Rectangular sizes have sharp, angled corners, and the barrel size has rounded edges.