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modern bedroom benches

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contemporary bedroom benches

Crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail, the modern bench selection at room service 360° is gorgeous, with choices that appeal to every taste, and even meet the most specific spatial requirements. High-end benches are ideal for the bedroom and even foyer or hallway, offering convenient and functional seating next to a bed. Offering a quick place to sit and take a break, these benches are easily integrated into the contemporary bedroom space that could use a functional and unobtrusive seating solution.

room service 360° partners with prestigious brands and designers who offer matching bench solutions to upholstered modern beds that are designed to be stylish accents or make a statement on their own. Highly adaptable, the bench options are available to complement other modern furniture in the modern bedroom, such as accents chairs or sofas as well as other storage furniture such as night tables, dressers and chests in terms of color or materials.

contemporary bedroom bench styles

Beautiful, functional and durable, modern benches are aesthetically pleasing with multiple styles that all offer a gorgeous finishing look to a contemporary bedroom. Some options have backs for added comfort, while others offer a streamlined design and an ergonomic support. Bench options range in materials such as fabrics and leathers, as well as wood finishes and lacquer options that are designed to adapt easily to the rest of the space and existing furniture selections. With linear shapes, modern bench options at room service 360 bring a bold look to the bedroom space without overwhelming and taking attention away from other chic focal points.

Timeless and transcendent with clean lines and intricate details, these modern bench options are also designed with comfort in mind, providing cushioned lining on the upholstered seat. Each style has a unique design ranging in leg type and material, while all share high design and Italian craftsmanship with incredible attention to detail. Many options incorporate two-tone upholstery, exquisite stitching along the seat and an elegant touch, especially when it matches the bed.

customizing your perfect bedroom bench

The extensive collection of modern benches at room service 360° lets you choose between different sizes, colors, materials, textures, and more for easy customization. You can shop by seat height, width, and depth, to make sure the bench meets spatial requirements. Choose between various fabrics, leathers, and eco-leathers for the versions with upholstered seats and different wood finishes and lacquer colors as well as metals for the legs. The contrasting materials add an aesthetically pleasing element to the bedroom and allow for dimension decor.

Options are available from leading Italian manufacturers such as Bonaldo, Gamma Arredamenti, Lago, Presotto Italia, and Tomasella. Bench solution from Bonaldo and Gamma offer matching elements to modern beds that are also produced by them, which allow for continuity of colors and materials. Lago and Presotto as well as Tomasella benches are great solutions when trying to match nightstands and dressers as they are geometrically inspired and would match storage solutions that are offered by them for a fluid design.

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