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modern dining room furniture

room service 360° extensive and luxurious collection of modern dining room furniture features dining room tables, dining chairs, buffets, curios and cabinets created by renowned Italian designers. Each piece demonstrates the artist’s distinctive vision and reflects the homeowner’s discriminating sense of taste and style. All are stellar examples of the best in modern furniture, adding piquant notes of sophistication to contemporary homes.

The vast amount of gorgeous modern dining tables in the collection come with iconic features, such as extensions that open and close with the use of a unique mechanism that is great for accommodating guests. A lot of the dining chairs are incredible as well with a mechanism that allows you to lean back comfortably. Matching pieces are available to create a cohesive dining room set or mix and match complementary pieces for versatile visual effects.

All dining room furniture is crafted from only the finest materials, from tempered glass and stainless steel to fine leather, wood, and ceramic. The collection includes a wide range of modern sideboards and display cabinets as well. Each provides storage solutions with style, exhibiting the sophisticated taste and aesthetic refinement that are the hallmarks of all the contemporary furniture offered by room service 360°. As an authorized dealer of renowned Italian furniture brands, room service 360° is uniquely qualified to offer a broad array of authentic designer dining room furniture.