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modern office workstations

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modern office workstations

room service 360° incorporates a complete and vast collection of luxurious office solutions, which also includes modern office workstations. Known to combine different pieces of furniture into one functional and stylish product, contemporary workstations are a sum of high industrial technology and sophisticated design along with great versatility that collectively make them into an exclusive product.

Workstations often combine two, three and sometimes four desks into one connected structure and are the ideal solutions for the following spaces and:

  • Home office where more than one person needs a work area
  • Households who home-school their kids or kids who opted for remote learning
  • Non-traditional work environments with open concept layout
  • Companies that are growing and need to accommodate their new hires
  • Smaller offices that need to consolidate into a space-conscious setting
  • Multifunctional areas that need an integrated shelving, file cabinets, and bookcases.

Our collection of workstations is made in Italy primarily by Uffix, which is known for their sleek and practical, modern office furniture.

why choose a contemporary workstation?

The new work and study environments must be stimulating and capable of encouraging moments of encounter and collaboration, but also of privacy when necessary. Made with incredible attention to detail and uncompromising quality, workstations are designed to answer these needs by providing a place where different skills, responsibilities and age groups can meet and work together. Likewise, modern workstation designs respond to the new needs of modern office furniture that must be flexible and functional, with the ability to divide spaces and unite people simultaneously.

Workstation features include:

  1. Shelving for displaying books, awards, and important documents
  2. Storage drawers and file drawers to help keep the workstation clutter-free
  3. Attached desk lamps that offer task lighting and visually congruent structure
  4. Privacy screens that are perfect when multiple people are sharing the space
  5. Cable management to provide a sinuous and orderly appearance without any hanging cables or hazards

create your perfect professional workstation

Like with all our furniture, our selection of contemporary workstations is easily customized. Choose between an array of sizes and configurations to accommodate individual spaces. Providing solidity in the composition, contemporary workstations perfectly balance the use of varied materials like wood, laminates, glass, lacquers, and metals:

  • Laminates - These materials are available in many colors and textures, and are an excellent choice for budget-conscious projects while still looking high-end
  • Lacquer - Available in matte and glossy finishes to accommodate various color schemes and stylistic palettes
  • Wood - Brings a natural element and welcoming aura to any commercial or residential office space
  • Glass - An elegant choice that brings light and airiness to the area as well as a surface of durability and refinement
  • Metal - Available in many shining colors and provides durability and a modern touch to the overall composition

The innovative workstation solutions articulate a new concept for the home office as well as commercial setting, largely centered on productivity and workspace optimization as well as individual wellbeing that coincides with the progress of modern office design.

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