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modern file cabinets

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contemporary file cabinets

Contemporary file cabinets are an ideal organizational tool in an office, whether it's for a commercial or home office space. With an extensive collection of practical file cabinet options, room service 360° gives an opportunity to bring a sleek style to the professional space. Created by the most talented Italian designers, the contemporary office collection that also incorporates modern file cabinets is represented by some of the most prominent brands like BDI, Fiam Italia, and Uffix. Filled with details, finishes and technical solutions that fulfil a broad range of needs, these file cabinets are necessary storage solutions that fit perfectly in the workspace with their functionality.

organize your workspace with modern file cabinets

Being organized is essential, especially when a multitude of tasks and projects are involved. The collection of file cabinets is designed to meet specific storage needs and, thanks to the variety of finishes, many of these can be incorporated into any work environment and paired with a variety of sleek modern desk solutions.

must-have features for practical file cabinets

Many of the modern file cabinets are equipped with convenient features to make daily organization much easier which include:

  • Locks - The locking drawers offer privacy and peace of mind when it comes to keeping important documents safe and secure
  • Castors - These smooth-moving wheels allow flexible placement of the cabinet around the room when needed
  • Ability to fit under a desk - the ideal placement and height that allows a sleek, streamlined look without taking up additional space
  • Pull - out printer trays - offer double utility and a way to integrate more functions in addition to the ability to store files
  • Handles - an essential element of the structure and an extension of the soft-closing mechanism that high end modern furniture pieces are known for, drawer handles add a stylistic touch to the overall silhouette and often bring another finish for a dynamic look

The contemporary file cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and make organizing a breeze, enriched with finishes that help create a working environment with a strong personality.

file cabinet customization options

Contemporary file cabinets that are a part of our vast office collection that also includes desks, office chairs as well as conference tables and multi-user workstations, come with a high degree of customization and are available in a variety of finishes, among which:

  • Wooden options such as walnut, oak and ash that bring natural vibe to the room
  • Glass finishes that give a clean, transparent look with shiny surfaces
  • Lacquer finishes with versatile hues that blend in with other pieces of furniture in a modern office thanks to their innate array of colors

Whether intended for a residential or commercial office setting, file cabinets add extended utility and convenience to a working environment. A storage solution that allows accessibility at your fingertips and a totally hidden structure thanks to the ability to be placed under the desk, modern file cabinets can be easily integrated into different aesthetic solutions that are customized on the basis of specific storage needs.

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