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Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people, and it has to make them wonder. Good design is a conversation.
Zahid Sardar

Our in-house design services include all-encompassing interior solutions that transform empty rooms into beautiful spaces through truly unique and tailored compositions that adhere to the client’s requirements. We also offer complete access to an unparalleled library of European brands and assist interior designers, architects, and developers with the selection, supply, and installation of furniture for projects of all types and sizes.

project categories

commercial spaces

We help create distinctive environments for the hospitality industry including hotel lobbies, restaurants, and lounges as well as commercial spaces such as medical and legal offices. To help with decisions, we often use 3D renderings and extensive product knowledge that allows for customization, scaling, and placement within the space.

residential spaces

We work directly with clients around the country and world on projects that range from single room design to complete interior planning and coordination of an entire house. In addition, we are experienced at working with many professionals to suit the specifications and budget requirements rooted in preexisting plans. We work closely with suppliers to create the best and latest portfolio of resources comprised of furniture, accessories, lighting, as well as built-in solutions.

Please email your floor plans and / or room pictures to get started.