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modern table lamps

In chic contemporary homes, a modern table lamp isn’t just something used in close quarters to brighten the area, but an opportunity to express a sleek and sophisticated style. The room service 360° collection of table lamps represents the artistic vision of some of Europe’s finest modern lighting designers that make lovely statement pieces in your home. Each table lamp from the collection doubles as a light and beautiful piece of home decor for an appealing feature. We have a variety of options available from halogen and LED versions to full range dimmers for added appeal.

Of all the modern lighting solutions offered by room service 360°, table lamps hold a unique position within a contemporary home. Because table lamps are displayed at eye level, it makes it even more critical to ensure that the lamp adds eye-catching decorative style as well as focused lighting. With so many table lamps to choose from with different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and materials, the contemporary lighting collection at room service 360° has the perfect fit for everyone! Choose between glass, metal, plastic, fabric, fiberglass, wood, or a combination of the materials to create a highly unique modern table lamp. Call or stop into our showroom in Philadelphia with any questions or concerns, and we’re happy to help.