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modern bookshelves

Creative storage solutions begin at room service 360° with a collection of contemporary bookcases and shelving units that transform an ordinary storage unit into something extraordinary. Whether intended to be displayed on a wall, as a room divider or as portable storage on wheels, each modern bookcase is distinctly unique, and an expression of individual artistry from the finest European designers.

We have many unique modern bookshelves online and in our showroom that make lovely statement pieces in a living area. From traditional freestanding units to large artistic sculptures that hang on the wall to one-of-a-kind shaped shelves, we have it all. Many of our products are geometrically inspired and feature innovative contemporary designs that stand out on their own as well as fit in well with the rest of the modern decor to form a cohesive space. Crafted with only the best materials, our bookshelves are built to last and wil display your library and prized possessions with ease.

room service 360° extensive inventory of bookshelves are available in wood, glass and metal options for various visual effects. Different colors, designs, configurations, and sizes are available as well for easy customization so that you can create the bookshelf of your dreams! Stop into our showroom in Philadelphia with any questions you have, and our knowledgeable staff will answer them and assist in whatever other ways possible.