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modern office furniture

modern office furniture for home and commercial offices

Modern office furniture should not only be serviceable and functional, but should also make a stylish first and lasting impression. Every component of a business should reinforce a stable, successful reputation, and sleek contemporary office furniture makes that message loud and clear. The room service 360° collection of modern furniture includes executive desks, desks for the home office, ergonomic chairs, bookcases, and credenzas that all feature solutions from Europe’s most renowned design houses and prestigious furniture companies popular around the world, including companies like Uffix, Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, and BDI.

Whether intended for a residential or commercial setting, office furniture from room service 360° adds function, prestige, and sophistication to a workspace environment.

available items in the office furniture category

Our extensive selection includes a wide array of office furniture products designed to enhance daily efficiency. These items include:

  • Office desks - Available in various shapes and sizes to fit a variety of work area requirements and office space layouts
  • Office chairs - Ergonomic, comfortable, and functional, made using materials that enhance workplace efficiency and offer comfort throughout the day
  • File cabinets - Allow for storage and organization as well as an easy and convenient access to important documents
  • Credenzas - Designed to accommodate storage needs as well as provide a place to display decorative items, collectibles, and personal accolades
  • Bookcases - Perfect for displaying personal library, awards, and other memorabilia
  • Conference tables- a large scale solution designed to accommodate meeting and conference rooms with durable surfaces while also maintaining the modern aesthetics
  • Reception desks- an array of modern solutions to greet clients and customers, that match the furniture in the rest of the office, or reception desks that make a strong statement with design and functionality
  • Workstations- Perfect for large offices short on space to accommodate multiple people at once with amply work surface and consistent design aesthetics

The office furniture range of products is ideal for commercial office settings and home offices. Simultaneously offering functionality, durability, and style, modern office solutions contribute to a productive and convenient space that is aesthetically pleasing and will stand the tests of time.

designer office furniture features

room service 360°collection of office furniture offers contemporary solutions that provide physical comfort, modern aesthetics, Italian quality, and convenient daily utility. Styled with eye-catching forms that contribute to a dynamic and productive professional atmosphere, our array of innovative furniture features the latest elements to make the workday a great success. From the ability to form office suites in various configurations to accommodate differently sized spaces, to office desks with charging stations, and height adjustable desks that convert from a sitting to a standing position.

In addition to the office desk selection, the accompanying ergonomic office chair options features solutions with adjustable depth, flexible backs and tilt mechanisms that collectively contribute to a much-needed personal comfort level common to long working hours.

Of course, no office space is complete without storage solutions that include:

  • sleek modern file cabinets that fit neatly under a desk to give everything a streamlined look
  • credenzas and larger cabinets that attach to a desk and create a larger work surface area on top while still providing plenty of organizational room underneath
  • shelves and bookcases that can either be floor-standing or wall-mounted

office furniture finishes and customization

Modern office furniture collection offered at room service 360 is stylish, practical, and designed to last as well as withstand heavy duty daily usage. Emphasizing both extensive durability and design ingenuity, modern office furniture feature finishes that combine sophisticated geometries and the opulence of luxurious materials.

  • Wood finishes that offer a nature-inspired style and a touch of organic elegance
  • Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant ceramic that will withstand heavy usage without issues
  • Glossy lacquers that provide an elevated style and adds visual dimensions to the office area
  • Matte lacquers that are available in many colors and yields a modern, sleek silhouette
  • Laminated finishes that mimic the look of various materials for a more cost-effective choice
  • Metals that offer a strong and sturdy structure as well as add an industrial feel to the space
  • Glass surfaces that are available in many finishes, including some that are fingerprint resistant, clear, and colored for a lighter and extra sleek design

In addition to a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, other customization options are available, and include cabinets and credenzas with various drawers, swing doors and shelves as well as bookcases that feature integrated bar cabinets and safe options.

A bright, vibrant workplace has a potentially substantial impact on optimizing productivity and increasing attractiveness to both clients and employees. Modern office furniture selections correspond with this effect by creating visual interest and enabling the introduction of color and texture. Furthermore, the sleek office furniture selections juxtapose eye-catching silhouettes with unique functionalities for an unmistakable look that accentuates modern design and maximum utility.

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