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contemporary office desks

A modern office desk from room service 360° is visionary and creative. A solution that pioneers the ideal balance between functional and aesthetically pleasing. Always ahead of the curve, just enough to be innovative, the modern office adds convenience and modern design to the home office and to the executive office space. Ever evolving, modern office furniture at room service 360 are products of continuous change, meticulous attention to detail and reliable production process.

In today's climate, many people are working from home or have a hybrid schedule, which makes having a tailored office solution with the right office desk incredibly important.

versions of modern office desks

Designed according to the latest paradigms that warrant sophistication and utility, room service 360°curated and an extensive selection of contemporary Italian office desks in various versions that promise to increase productivity and improve wellbeing which include:

  • High level executive desk, ideal for corporate and commercial settings
  • Lift desks that allow its user to go from a sitting to a standing position in seconds, promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Desks designed for laptops that are ideal for home offices and bring a minimalistic style to the room
  • Compact desks that work for space-restricted apartments and urban areas as well as commercial offices
  • Sleek options that attach to complementing products, such as file cabinets and credenzas
  • L-shaped options that provide more space for work essentials
  • Other spaciously shaped options that enhance workplace efficiency

The office space, regardless of its location, has risen to a new level of multi-functionality. Not only the traditional workplace destination, but thanks to the changing working environment, the home office has been elevated to a full-fledged asset, with the modern office desk at its center. Regardless of the size of the office space or the type of desk it needs, the collection of contemporary office desks is designed to fulfil a large number of requirements on a daily basis.

unique features that set modern desks apart

Designer office desks from Europe and around the globe offer various convenient features created with the end user in mind. Balancing work lives with family commitments is a daily struggle, which is why the Italian office desk is an essential piece that is designed to permit a genuine level of personal wellbeing. The workday experience is essential and is maximized with various functional options that include:

  • Desk extension
  • Pull-out keyboard trays
  • Lift mechanisms that raise and lower at the click of a button
  • Built-in shelves perfect for displaying memorabilia, family photos, and awards
  • Hanging-file drawers that keep essential documents in one convenient place
  • Storage drawers ideal for office supplies

The modern office space, as it evolves, continues to make its contribution as an interpersonal catalyst. Proving itself to be a fundamental part of personal wellbeing, the modern office desk with a lift mechanism is an example of such a new focus in office design, with the desk transforming from a sitting to a standing position in a matter of seconds. Another example of a convertible solution is the extension office desk versions that are designed to fit two people comfortably and are great options for growing companies that need to accommodate new hires or home offices that have multiple office desk users.

contemporary office desk finishes

As with all the modern furniture offered by room service 360°, a broad array of colors, materials and finish options are available to ensure a customized, one-of-a-kind look. Also, many shapes and sizes are available to accommodate different spaces.

Below are some of the durable materials that are available for the office desks:

  • Wood - Both solid wood and veneers are available to bring a natural vibe to your work area
  • Lacquer - for those looking for a particular shade to match an existing interior, lacquer is the right finish with both matte and glossy options that are available in an array of colors
  • Glass - a minimalist finish and one that epitomizes modern design, tempered glass desks are sleek and bring a contemporary vibe to the office space
  • Laminate - price conscious options that are designed to look like stone or wood and offer great durability at once

The lines are increasingly blurred between life in and out of work, which leaves a lot of room to make the workspace a better place for work, using creative and modern office desks as the centerpieces. No longer thought of just as a workstation with merely one function, the modern office desk is part of the interior, a place of sensorial and interpersonal wellbeing, an area for personal and professional growth and flourishing. An airy and flexible space where working feels good, the modern office desk with all its flexible functions, features and finishes is there to stimulate productivity, work and life balance and add value to everyone's work quality, regardless of its physical placement.

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