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modern wall sconces

Contemporary wall sconces cast soft light onto their surroundings, adding a gorgeous design element to elegant modern homes. With various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials offered in room service 360° extensive collection, people with even the most selective taste will find an ideal fit. Glass, crystal, metal, plastic, fabric, fiberglass, and cement options are available to create a striking light fixture. When the wall sconce is a modern lighting fixture created by some of the most renowned lighting designers in the world, it becomes more than a design device—it's a piece of art.

Our extensive collection features wall sconces that are so striking and innovative that light is just one component of their sophisticated designs. Even when turned off, the sconces are aesthetically pleasing and look like a beautiful piece of decor. Leave it to room service 360° to present the best selection of designer modern wall sconces, ensuring that every room of a contemporary home is lit up with style. We have different types of light bulbs to choose, from halogen to LED, along with options with a full range of dimming options to change the ambiance accordingly.

At room service 360°, we pride ourselves in providing beautiful and sustainable modern wall sconces for all of our customers and helping find the perfect fit. If you have any questions at all, or just need some guidance, stop into our showroom in Philadelphia and we are here to help!