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modern sideboards + buffets

Instantly elevate the room's style with the extensive collection of modern sideboards, buffets, and cupboards. These three storage solutions have a unique purpose that doubles as a display and as a storage structure. Show off modern home decor and prized possessions while keeping items out of sight and organized with the internal compartments.

Modern sideboards and buffets are perfect for storing dishes, wine glasses, fine china, and other household items out of site. In addition to being incredibly practical, Italian sideboards and contemporary buffets also add a stunning style to their surroundings and are often used as a focal point.

With various styles and shapes available, these sideboards are statement worthy and make gorgeous sculptural pieces of art. Easily integrated into any setting, contemporary buffets and sideboards can be paired with a dining table, sofa or sectional to form a cohesive design concept with a great deal of functionality.

Sideboards vs. buffets vs. cupboards

Our iconic collection of products includes an array of modern sideboards, contemporary buffets, and cupboards that can be distinguished as follows:

  • Sideboards and buffets are very similar, and many people use the terms interchangeably. The main difference is that sideboards are primarily used in the living room or den, while buffets are in the dining room and kitchen
  • Sideboards also usually have shorter legs
  • Both sideboards and buffets feature spacious interior compartments with sturdy shelves and on occasion, silverware drawers
  • Cupboards are more compact with less storage space. Space-conscious areas would benefit more by using cupboards.

All three storage options are ideal for displaying eye-catching pieces of décor on top and using the interior as occasional storage

Gorgeous custom options

Modern sideboards, buffets and cupboards come in a variety of sizes and feature a vast array of convenient elements such as:

  • Sliding doors for space-saving dining rooms where traditional doors may hit a chair
  • Soft-close hinged doors that prevent slamming and accidental or abrupt shutting
  • Drawers for silverware, napkins, tablecloth and other smaller items that should not be on a shelf
  • Glass shelves that very often could be height adjustable to accommodate differently sized serving dishes
  • Integrated lights that help make these storage and display solutions ever catchier
  • Mirrored doors are often used to add another dimension to the buffet’s or sideboard’s façade as well as mirror the surrounds for added color and textural fluidity
  • Floating structure that creates a lighter appeal as well as adds a unique decorative touch

Crafted with only the best materials to ensure functional longevity contemporary sideboards and Italian buffets are easily customized with different finishes, colors, textures, and shapes to match specific decorative requirements and preferences.

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