modern sleeper sofas

Modern sleeper sofas crafted by renowned Italian designers retain the same visual appeal of the finest conventional sofa, with distinctive styles, sophisticated shapes, and quality materials. It takes a truly skilled designer to incorporate a comfortable sleeping area into a modern sofa without sacrificing style, which is why room service 360° only works with the most respected design houses from Italy, ensuring that each sleeper sofa or chair features eye-catching style.

room service 360° has a vast array of different styles of contemporary sleeper sofas, from fold-down versions to options that pull out into a full bed with a comfortable full-size mattress that feels like you’re in a regular bed. For added appeal, some sofa beds in our collection pull out in one swift motion with no need to take off pillows and cushions. They’re elegantly stored underneath the foundation for a convenient feature. Sleeper sofas and chairs from room service 360° provide elegant space-saving solutions since they serve a dual purpose, working as an office or living area during the day and as a bedroom by night. In larger homes, contemporary sleeper sofas povide unobtrusive sleeping solutions, transforming any room in the house into an extra guest bedroom.

The sofa is an essential component of a contemporary home, instantly establishing the style of the space. A sofa bed needs to make that same design statement, while simultaneously providing a comfortable space in which to sleep. That can be hard to achieve, but the room service 360° collection of sleeper sofas and chairs delivers results, with modern furniture that is as attractive as it is functional. See us at our Philadelphia showroom, and we’ll find the perfect sleeper sofa for you!