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patio chaise lounges

room service 360° exclusive collection of modern patio chaise lounges is filled with stylish and comfortable options. Lay back and relax on your deck, patio, or next to the pool at all different incline positions thanks to the adjustable back. Whether you are basking in the sun to work on your tan, taking a nap, or enjoying a good book, the contemporary outdoor chaise lounges epitomize a luxurious and utterly comfortable experience.

Designed by some of the most prominent Italian brands and brilliant designers, outdoor chaise lounges offer inviting comfort and elegant outdoor relaxation.

choosing contemporary outdoor chaise lounges

  • Size: when choosing the right chaise lounge, keep in mind the size, as it is typically a seating solution that takes more square footage than other modern outdoor furniture.
  • Material: this is another crucial factor, as the chaise lounge needs to be comfortable, durable and complement existing outdoor furniture. A wide range of materials including hardwoods like teak as well as metals and plastics are popular when it comes to preventing the appearance of signs of wear and tear.
  • Color: is important to consider when shopping for chaise lounges, as it should complement other outdoor furniture while being a practical option that projects the right vibe onto the entire outdoor space. Usually, bright colors reminiscent of water like turquoise, navy blue and aqua green are the go-to options for modern outdoor chaise lounges.
  • Cleaning and maintenance complexity is extremely critical, as most luxury brands of outdoor furniture have adopted “green” manufacturing practices and utilize materials that are easily cleaned and cared for.

key features of modern chaise lounges

Shopping for a chaise lounge is easy, especially with the help of filters that help narrow down the selection to fit specific needs and requirements. Such filters include:

  • New arrivals - having the ability to access the latest and greatest designs from Italy's leading outdoor furniture manufacturers
  • Availability - choose between special order products custom-made to specifications or selecting from stocked and readily available options
  • Physical features such as chaise lounge versions that have armrests or those that feature an armless structure.
  • Seat height, depth, and width help guide the selection towards only the most fitting dimensions that are important for urban outdoor gardens and smaller backyards.
  • Finish and color help meet very specific aesthetic and functional requirements, as well as help connect the furniture to the surrounding environment.
  • Design and comfort of outdoor chaise lounges is also key, with features like stackable patio chaise lounges that are easy to put away once the season is over. Likewise, chaise lounges that fold flat and accommodate all body types are sought after and important to note. Another popular option is the wheels that allow the chaise lounge to be moved to any desired location rather than lifting the entire lounge chair.

Whether looking to complement an existing set of modern outdoor furniture or add a chaise lounge to the pool area, the options are room service 360 check all the boxes when looking for high quality, high design, and longevity.

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