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modern outdoor stools + poufs

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modern outdoor poufs + stools

The luxurious modern outdoor poufs and stools are among the most practical and simultaneously stylish additions to any outdoor space. Sleek and versatile, these multi-functional outdoor furniture solutions can be used as a place to relax, an extra seat, a side table, or a sculptural accent piece.

The carefully selected array of outdoor poufs and stools represents Italian craftsmanship and high design that's innate to world renowned brands like Talenti who partner with creative minds like Jean Philippe Nuel, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Marco Acerbis, and Ramon Esteve to name a few.

an outdoor pouf for every style

Sprucing up your backyard, deck, patio, or porch is a breeze with our selection of gorgeous outdoor poufs and stools. Whether you want a minimalistic style to complement other furniture or something bold and colorful that stands out, there are options to accommodate both. While offering a smaller footprint, the outdoor pouf and stool collection is not short on style and customization. The lightweight designs make them convenient to move around, while the weather-resistant materials used by the manufacturer make them sustainable in the elements for years to come and in many outdoor climates.

Some styles include fully upholstered options, while others feature metal options with removable cushions and intricate cutout details. Achieve different vibes in any outdoor living area with the different silhouettes offered in our selection of modern outdoor stools and poufs. Some silhouettes resemble bean bags, a fun option close to the ground and easy to sprawl out and relax on, while some provide a more elegant feel with legs that can also fold up to store away for later.

customize your outdoor poufs and stools

Contemporary outdoor poufs and stools are easily customized and offer a unique outdoor oasis using a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.

  • Materials: Choose from fabric seat upholstery that suits a desired outdoor vibe, and frame finish that could either be a sleek metal or a more rustic wood finish
  • Colors: A color range that parallels other outdoor furniture or adds a splash of color, given that these poufs and stools are small and present the opportunity to bring some color to an otherwise neutral color scheme.
  • Shapes: Usually a reflection of outdoor armchairs and outdoors sofas or sectionals as they are the ideal complement to major seating areas, modern outdoor stools and poufs are available in major geometric shapes.

get a cohesive look with your outdoor poufs and stools

Pairing one of the modern outdoor poufs and stools in our selection with a matching armchair, sofa, or sectional is a simple but perfect method to achieve cohesion in any outdoor living area. By having a matching pair, the color, style, and finish between the pouf or stool and all the other elements of furniture in the area brings about an effortless stylish flow to a contemporary space. However, do not be afraid to mix and match styles, colors, and shapes for an eclectic and intriguing vibe outside.

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