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Earth 90 Creator's Edition Wall Clock #12183

by Biegert & Funk for Qlocktwo
Earth 90 Creator's Edition Wall Clock $8,300.00
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  • description

    The Earth 90 Creator's Edition wall clock is a luxurious and incredible piece of home decor. The Qlocktwo collection has an innovative design that spells out the time in five-minute increments with light-up letters for an eye-catching and illuminating touch. In the corners, there are four dots that light up as each minute passes for a convenient feature. With a massive structure, the clock has a commanding presence to make it a great statement piece in any room. 

    What makes the creator's edition so exceptional is the variety of magnificent metal finish options that have a vintage look about them. Many of the finishes have hand-made qualities, such as gold, and gold & silver options that are covered in luxurious gold leaves one by one.  The award-winning Earth 90 Creator's Edition wall clock is a modern masterpiece that is made in Germany. 

    • country of origin:Germany
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Founded by Marco Biegert and Andrea Funk, QLOCKTWO is an award-winning company that creates original clocks that are as stunning as they are practical. Qlocktwo, in many variations, is what made the company internationally successful and respected.
  • details
    • Designed by Biegert & Funk
    • Part of the Creators Edition collection
    • Qlocktwo clocks are available in more than 20 languages
    • Clock faces available in raw iron, metamorphote, glintscape, rust, vintage copper, silver & gold, gold, and platinum finishes
    • Gold and gold & silver finishes covered in gold leaves by hand 
    • Platinum is always with black corpus
    • The remote is used to change the display setting & manually set the time. The App can be used only to set the time.
    • Manufactured in Germany 
  • dimensions
    • 35½"W × 1¼" D × 35½"H
  • design

    designed by

    Biegert & Funk

    Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, the dynamic German design duo and co-founders of Qlocktwo, share a friendship that traces back to their youth. Their collaborative journey began with creative projects during their formative years, leading to establishing an advertising agency in 1999. Infusing art and creative idea development into their product ventures, the duo's journey took a distinctive turn in 2007 with the inception of Qlocktwo—an art project manifesting as a unique line of clocks.

    Driven by a shared vision to create art pieces that tell stories and offer a novel perspective on time, Biegert and Funk officially founded Qlocktwo in 2009. Now sold globally, their clocks transcend cultural boundaries, attesting to the duo's ability to craft universally appealing products aligned with contemporary trends. Qlocktwo has become a symbol of conscious time perception, sparking communication and enriching spaces worldwide with its innovative and culturally pervasive design, thanks to the incredible minds of Biegert & Funk.

    manufactured by

    QLOCKTWO Clocks

    Founded in 2000 by Marco Biegert and Andrea Funk, Qlocktwo is an award-winning German company that creates innovative clocks that are as stunning as they are functional. Qlocktwo, in many variations, is what made this company internationally successful and respected. The revolutionary clock spells out what time it is in lights, and the large square composition makes it double as a way to tell time and a beautiful masterpiece to showcase on the wall. Because of their use of innovative technology and eye-catching aesthetics, the company received the Red Dot design award in 2019, which has made them a highly sought-after brand.

    The company started in Schwabison Gmund, a small town in Southern Germany, and has vastly grown since then. These creations are on display at museums around the world, and the use of gold and bronze makes some of their clocks high-end collector’s pieces.  

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    Earth 90 Creator's Edition Wall Clock

    Earth 90 Creator's Edition Wall Clock

    by Biegert & Funk for Qlocktwo
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