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Midi Office Desk #19365

by Umberto Asnago for Porada
Midi Office Desk $31,263.00
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  • description

    With abundant helpful features formed with stunning geometric sense, the Midi office desk from Porada is the ideal spot to work. This writing desk is defined by sharp angles, taking on striking shapes for the perfect addition to an office space focused on sophistication. There are even eccentric rectangle, square, and circle recesses in the single pull-out shelf for your pencils, erasers, and other utensils. There are two areas to store essentials on either side of the desk, with two more drawers and a filing cabinet with soft close features on the working side and an open shelf and additional pull-out shelf on the other. The main act is the protruding writing surface that hangs in mid-air enchantingly. Write freely with all the space and even power your devices with two pop-out USB ports and a Schuko plug. 

    The wood structure of the Midi office desk is an incredible sight; the beautiful, rustic wood qualities decorate any room optimally and ensure durability. Customize it to your preferred look by choosing from three Canaletto walnut finishes. The leather inserts on the top and side cabinet fronts of this desk can also be customized, with various colors available. The base and cable duct are bronze metal. Select from a left or right-facing configuration to attune to your needs. This desk is designed with incredible care by Umberto Asnago and manufactured in Italy by Porada.

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Founded by Luigi Allievi in 1968, Porada is a prestigious Italian furniture company specializing in wooden products. Since 1948, Allievi has worked as an artisan, creating gorgeous, quality wooden furniture, and he brought that experience to his company.
  • details
    • From Porada 
    • Designed by Umberto Asnago
    • Available in a left or right configuration
    • Comes in three Canaletto walnut finishes
    • Inserts are eco-hard leather and available in an array of colors
    • Base and cable duct are bronze metal
    • Two singular pull-out shelves on either side, one with recesses and the other a leather insert
    • One side has two drawers and a filing cabinet
    • There's an open shelf with three compartments on the other
    • Two USB pop-out plugs and a Schuko plug are integrated into the desk
    • ATTN: the lateral cabinet weighs 260 kg / ~573 lbs. Please check the
      maximum load capacity of the handling paths / lift where the unit shall be placed
    • Made in Italy
  • dimensions
    • 87"W × 33½"D × 29½"H
  • design

    designed by

    Umberto Asnago

    Umberto Asnago is a talented Italian designer who is well-respected in the design and furniture community. His work is highly sought after around the world. From a young age, Asnago began woodworking and showing great talent. After graduating from the Cantu Art Institute, he began working for the Giorgetti furniture company, where he created a distinct personality for his products and furniture. He created the Progetti collection of sofas, sectionals, and armchairs with a distinct wooden armrest, propelling the brand to worldwide success and respect.

    Besides working at Giorgetti, Asnago also collaborates with many Italian brands, such as Porada. His talent with woodworking and eye for detail make his products timeless and gorgeous. His work is displayed in art galleries around the world.

    manufactured by


    Founded by Luigi Allievi in 1968, Porada is a prestigious Italian furniture company specializing in wooden products. Since 1948, Allievi has worked as an artisan, creating gorgeous, quality wooden furniture, and he brought that experience to his company. They work with designers and promoters around the world, making it both nationally and internationally successful. The family-owned business is now run by his sons, who have continued with the legacy of creating incredible wooden pieces that are both practical, artistic, and built to last.

    Some of the talented designers who work with Porada include Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, Staffan Tollgard, Patrick Jouin, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Stefano Bigi, Gino Carollo, Tarcisio Colzani, Studio Opera, Dainelli Studio, and Studio Buratti. Every designer understands and respects the company's motto of creating unique products that have a human touch. Above all else, Porada's mission is to make and sell wooden furniture that they are passionate about and not made by machinery but by people.

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    Midi Office Desk

    Midi Office Desk

    by Umberto Asnago for Porada
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