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myPOD Workstation D #14328

by Driusso Associates | Architects for Uffix
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  • description

    The myPOD workstation D by Uffix is an ideal addition to a modern office environment, especially a smaller one looking to save space. It incorporates four, six, or eight desks into one sleek structure, with panels between each station to give privacy to each person. With large surface areas at each desk, there is ample room for a computer, phone, and other essential items, thus enhancing efficiency. Contrasting finishes stand out against one another for an eye-catching touch. By using only the best quality materials, it will be a staple piece of furniture for the long haul. 

    Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, the myPOD workstation D is available in four desks widths to accommodate individual needs. Optional lamps are available for each section, as well as screens with stationary trays. The top comes in laminate, wood, glossy lacquer, and hard leather finishes, while the base comes in different metal options, and the screen is in various methacrylates.

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Uffix creates modern office furniture that gives new meaning to “living at the office,” with elegant pieces that combine European styling with natural materials. By combining comfort, functionality, and style, the products enhance work efficiency.
  • details
    • Part of the myPOD collection
    • Designed by Driusso Associates 
    • Available with four, six, or eight desks 
    • Various desk widths are available 
    • The structure comes in laminate, wood, glossy lacquer, and hard leather options 
    • The base comes in metal options 
    • The screen is available in methacrylate options 
    • Optional screen with stationary tray is available 
    • Optional desk lamps are available 
    • Manufactured in Italy
  • dimensions

    4 Desks:

    • 110¼"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 126"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 141¾"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 157½"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H

    6 Desks:

    • 165¼"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 189"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 212½"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 236¼"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H

    8 Desks:

    • 220½"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 252"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 283½"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
    • 315"W × 70¾" D × 28¼"H
  • design

    designed by

    Driusso Associates | Architects

    Franco and Roberto Driusso are award-winning architects and designers based in Italy. They started the successful architecture firm, Driusso Associates, which works in building, industrial design, graphic design, interior design, and more. Their designs are minimal and technologically innovative. One of their main focuses when working is using eco-friendly materials and techniques. Driusso Associates works in the product design sector as well, collaborating with many prestigious furniture brands, including Uffix. They create products that are sleek and eye-catching, seamlessly combining practicality and style.

    manufactured by


    Since 1963, Uffix has been creating modern furniture for the office that gives new meaning to the phrase “living at the office,” with sleekly elegant pieces that combine dynamic European styling with warm, natural materials. By combining comfort, functionality, and style, Uffix products enhance work efficiency and promote a healthy work environment.

    To fulfill their determination to create office furniture that reflects the personal style and taste of those who enjoy them, Uffix collaborates with several award-winning designers, including Pininfarina, Mazzer, Michelle Sbrogio, and Drusso Associates.

    Whether used at the office or home, room service 360° is pleased to offer a broad selection of Uffix office desks and executive desks that merge the aesthetics of the modern interior design style with the supreme functionality needed to support a contemporary lifestyle. Each desk features the latest innovations in advanced technology, as well as high-quality materials, to ensure an enduring style.

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    myPOD Workstation D

    myPOD Workstation D

    by Driusso Associates | Architects for Uffix
    we would love to hear your feedback on myPOD Workstation Dby by Driusso Associates | Architects for Uffix
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