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Wing Nightstand #12282

by Pierangelo Sciuto for Presotto Italia

The Wing Nightstand is no longer available.

We kept the records for your convenience, but keep in mind: this product cannot be ordered any more.
  • description

    Presotto Italia's Wing nightstand is a stylish yet practical addition to a contemporary bedroom. The minimalistic structure adds timeless style to the space, and the drawers have ample space to store and organize belongings. With a spacious top, it's the perfect place for a lamp, reading materials, and other items that need to be readily accessible. Thanks to the use of only the best materials, the nightstand will be a staple piece of furniture for the long haul. 

    Manufactured in Italy by Presotto Italia, the Wing nightstand is part of the gorgeous Wing collection that all come together to form a cohesive look. Two and three drawer versions are available in four different sizes, and the accent drawer can be on the top or bottom. The structure is available in lacquer and wood finishes, and the accent drawer can match the rest of the nightstand, or be finished in lacquer, wood, or stone options. 

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:No
    • Shipping Charges:free
    With years of excellence in manufacturing and Italian design, Presotto Italia continues to reinvent everyday objects by evolving them to fit in well with people's lifestyles. Today, Presotto Italia is one of Italy’s leading brands of modern bedrooms and wall units.
  • details
    • Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto 
    • Part of the Wing collection
    • Two or three drawer versions are available
    • Four widths available 
    • Accent drawer available on the top or bottom
    • Structure comes in an array of lacquer and wood finishes 
    • Accent drawer can match the structure or be finished in lacquer, wood, and stone options 
    • Manufactured in Italy 
  • dimensions

    2 Drawer Nightstands:

    • 14"W x 16½"D x 14¾"H
    • 18"W x 16½"D x 14¾"H
    • 22"W x 16½"D x 14¾"H
    • 30"W x 16½"D x 14¾"H

    3 Drawer Nightstands:

    • 14"W x 16½"D x 19¾"H
    • 18"W x 16½"D x 19¾"H
    • 22"W x 16½"D x 19¾"H
    • 30"W x 16½"D x 19¾"H
  • design

    designed by

    Pierangelo Sciuto

    Born in 1961 in Brescia, Pierangelo Sciuto is a multi-talented artisan who has many accolades to his name. With a degree in architectural planning from Polytechnic Institute, Sciuto started his firm, Sciuto Design, as a way to bring together skilled designers to collaborate and think of new and innovative design techniques. Known for his outside-the-box product designs as well as his private construction and development work, he also defined the trend of poly-sensorial architecture, which focuses on touch and brings that to the forefront of the design.

    Sciuto's work is well-respected all over the world and is recognized as one of the best. Since 1994, he has been the art director for many prominent Italian companies. By doing thorough research for his materials and techniques, Sciuto creates iconic products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    manufactured by

    Presotto Italia

    With over 60 years of excellence in manufacturing and design, Presotto Italia continues to reinvent everyday objects by evolving them to fit in well with trends and people's lifestyles. Today, Presotto is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of top-notch, ultra-modern bedrooms and extraordinary, exclusively-designed living room solutions. Best known for its one-of-a-kind Aqua bed and Zero round bed, Presotto Italia is also the source for innovation and edgy product design which includes countless modern wall unit collections, wardrobes, walk-in closets, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

    High on customization, top quality finishes, and innovative materials, Presotto Italia’s products quickly take on the most unusual facades with the help of its stone exteriors, a wide selection of glossy and matte lacquers as well as textured woods and printed, magnetic covers. By placing enormous emphasis on research and development, Presotto Italia continues to meet and exceed customer expectations through fundamental investments in the best materials as well as its ongoing and highly successful collaborations with leading designers such as Marco Piva, Sophie Larger, Tormena-Neadesign, Rabadesign, and Toyo Ito.

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    Wing Nightstand

    Wing Nightstand

    by Pierangelo Sciuto for Presotto Italia
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