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Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa

Founded in 1975 by Gianni Tonin, the Italian modern furniture company Tonin Casa has long been viewed by European designers as one of the best interior design firms in the business, but it is only recently that the company expanded their market outside Italy. As an authorized dealer of Tonin Casa contemporary furnishings, room service 360° is able to offer an extensive line of their beautiful products.

Tonin Casa furniture features a wide range of distinctive styles to ensure the right selection for any contemporary home. The prestigious collection includes a broad array of chairs, nightstands, consoles, television stands, dining tables, coffee tables, and mirrors. Quality materials, including a large use of tempered glass, mark Tonin Casa furnishings with style and sophistication.

Tonin Casa modern furniture combines style and function by merging advanced technology with the Italian tradition of innovative style and quality craftsmanship. Each piece complements homes with contemporary style, yet each piece offers visual style on its own as well, with imaginative designs that are sure to add a note of distinction to any space.

Tonin Casa
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