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Cosmopolitan Large Sideboard #17286

by Contromano Studio for Bontempi Casa
Cosmopolitan Large Sideboard $5,851.00
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L079 Matt White Lacquered Wood, click to change
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  • description

    The Cosmopolitan large sideboard by Bontempi Casa has a dual personality as a storage and display solution for your modern home. This product comes in various versions with swing-door and open compartments, as well as drawers, for versatile options; choose what you want stowed away and what you want out in the open for a neat and organized home. In addition to being practical, this sideboard can make a profound impact stylistically as well. It features chic contrasting finishes and textured grooves that provide dimension and character.

    Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, the Cosmopolitan large sideboard is available in many versions. The front, side panels, and top come in wood, ceramic, and glass finishes, and there are optional matching back panels. The grooves and shelves come in lacquered wood options, while the frame and feet come in metal finishes. It is designed by Contromano Studio for Bontempi Casa and is part of the Cosmopolitan collection of organizational solutions.

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi founded Bontempi Casa, one of the most prestigious Italian design firms in the world today. Since the 1980s, Bontempi Casa has offered a wide range of modern furniture, but tables and chairs remain their primary focus.
  • details
    • Designed by Studio Contromano
    • Part of the Cosmopolitan collection
    • Available in seven versions
    • Top, front and side panels are available in wood, glass, or ceramic finishes
    • Metal frame and feet are available in several color finishes
    • Groove opening system that comes in lacquered wood finishes
    • Interior shelves are in clear glass
    • Available with a standard backpanel or backpanel matching front and side panels
    • Lacquered wood finishes for top, front and sidepanels available in any RAL or NCS color upon request
    • Lacquered wood groove available in any RAL or NCS color upon request
    • Manufactured in Italy
  • dimensions
    • 96"W × 21¾"D × 27¼"H
  • design

    designed by

    Contromano Studio

    Marco Gottardi, Stefania Crippa, and Michele Bertolini founded the innovative and unique design firm, Studio Contromano, in 2014. The three talented designers worked independently on various projects in the architecture realm before coming together and creating a new kind of studio that they think of as a creative think tank, where they are continually coming up with new and exciting products.

    By collaborating with many prestigious Italian companies, including Bontempi Casa, Contromano Studio has earned a stellar reputation for its gorgeous pieces of furniture. The designs focus on balancing beautiful aesthetics with practicality to produce products that are useful and striking.

    manufactured by

    Bontempi Casa

    Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi are the founders of Bontempi Casa, one of the finest Italian design firms in the world today. The two were already recognized as skilled designers both in their native Italy and around the world and known for their innovative, award-winning tables and chairs with a modern twist. Since the 1980s, Bontempi Casa has offered a wide range of modern furniture, but chairs remain the focus of their company. 

    Bontempi Casa's modern chair collection is full of unique silhouettes, and use angles and curves in eye-catching ways that make them double as a comfortable place to sit along with a functional piece of art. Whether it’s an accent chair or chairs for the dining room table, Bontempi Casa’s collection illustrates the modern aesthetic with style.

    The products offered by Bontempi Casa are not only beautiful and comfortable but designed for longevity as well. Bontempi Casa only uses the best quality materials for their products, which is why they have such a prestigious reputation in the modern furniture realm. 

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    Cosmopolitan Large Sideboard

    Cosmopolitan Large Sideboard

    by Contromano Studio for Bontempi Casa
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