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room service 360°, is the leading retailer of modern furniture, contemporary lighting and accessories for every room in the house. Serving customers in the US and across the globe, room service 360° offers luxurious collections designed to accommodate an array of functions, styles and budgets. Founded in 2005, we have always believed in helping customers at every stage of the buying process regardless if they buy online or shop in person in our designer showroom. Our commitment to exceptional customer experience along with our focus on quality Italian furniture are reflected in our Philadelphia furniture showroom and our online store.

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The new arrivals section of our website changes daily as we add newly introduced product collections, the latest finishes and colors added to existing products, and entirely new manufacturers to our expanding furniture, lighting and décor categories. After all, the pure beauty of interior design is rooted in the stylistic creativity and the quality of materials used, which constantly evolves with innovative and fashion-forward nature of the modern furniture industry. Our talented and hardworking team is always updating our Philadelphia showroom and online store with novelties as we want to make sure our customers have access to the top furniture brands and latest products to create stunning interiors. So be sure to check back often to see the newest additions!

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We are honored to unite our efforts with like-minded partners. These relationships strengthen our customer experience and broaden our product selection every day. We take great pride in representing authentic Italian furniture, modern lighting and accessories, a practice that propels us to be selective with our vendors. By working with only the most trustworthy and prestigious Italian and European brands, we continue to pledge our commitment to quality and customer experience. Our knowledge and practices empower us to represent luxury furniture options that testify to their made-in-Italy origins through impeccable craftsmanship and authentic designs. Each piece we present in our stores is available in a range of finishes and dimensions and thus suited to any interior style or setting.

featured designers


Influencers, innovators, brilliant creators and skilled craftsmen are all description that can be used to illustrate the incredible talent utilized to conceive some of the most unique modern furniture, lighting and décor options. During the 20th century and into the first two decades of the new millennium, furniture design expanded beyond just functional in nature, adding aesthetic ingenuity and industrial innovation to the mix.

We are thrilled to offer our customers an opportunity to experience these contemporary interior solutions by designers who have truly changed the furniture industry. From Italy, France and England to the United States, Japan and Egypt, the designers behind our products span continents and centuries with awards, museum commissions and international notoriety.

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Enjoy unparalleled range of iconic modern designs from prestigious Italian brands for every room and an exemplary service through incomparable experience that can only be found at room service 360°.

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Visit room service 360° and be inspired. Solutions for your dream space await in our carefully curated 20,000 square foot designer showroom – home to the very best in modern furniture, lighting and decor presented in stylish room settings. Our showroom is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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