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design advice

design advice

design advice

Buy less, choose well.
Vivienne Westwood

With the ability to completely transform spaces, great design has the power to influence how people relate to their surroundings, from calm and tranquil, to warm and energized; which is why it’s fundamental to all that we do at room service 360°. Our team is expertly positioned to give you as much assistance as needed to take your home to the next level. Our advice is friendly, passionate, and efficient, considering your lifestyle, personal taste, functional requirements, and budget.

our process

inspiration & consultation

We offer on-demand decorative solutions that begin with us understanding exactly what’s required in terms of form and function

space planning

a simple 2D layout exercise allows you to see the potential placement of furniture in your space and minimizes possible “over furnishing” mistakes or overscaled furniture selections.

3D interior design

While aesthetics are important to any project, we place great emphasis on other priorities like cost, longevity and technological integration; enhancing the final solution using 3D tools that help envision the desired result and ensure that space is used to its fullest physical, functional and visual potential

Please email [email protected] your floor plans and or room pictures to get started.