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modern reception desks

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modern reception desks

The conception of a new office reflects the creativity of those who design it and the personality and functionality of those who live it. With the help of high-performance materials, and a great, long-lasting aesthetic impact, modern reception desks perfectly meet the needs of the modern office. Aligned with the importance of first impressions, the reception desk selection at room service 360 offers the commercial lobby or reception area the perfect solution. We work with prestigious office furniture brands that incorporate high quality and sleek design while meeting professional office furniture needs in terms of style and aesthetic longevity.

With unique options that feature spacious surface areas and plenty of space for administrative duties, modern reception desks also feature shelving details above the top of the desk, so customers and clients can sign or fill out documents as needed.

customization options for Italian reception desks

With architectural and structural superiority, these Italian reception desks are ready to amaze with unexpected and strongly inspired aesthetic features. Merging a selection of personal and diversified office furniture, capable of enhancing both contemporary taste and more practical characteristics, Italian designed and manufactured, the prestigious selection of modern reception desks at room service 360° offers eye-catching customization opportunities. With diverse sizes and shapes available, the reception desks from famous manufacturers offer ample room that will turn any commercial space into an inviting one. Some of the versions available include:

  • Rectangular sizes - This shape is perfect for multiple people to sit behind the reception desk comfortably. It also brings a classic style to the space that fits in well with its surroundings.
  • Curved options - A welcoming shape with sinuous character that brings a welcoming style to the space, making it ideal for reception areas as well as lobbies.
  • Wave shapes - Unique and eye-catching, the wave versions make a stylish statement that customers and clients will enjoy when they walk into this office space
  • C-shaped options - an excellent choice to bring an inviting personality to the space, all the while featuring plenty of surface room for essential documents and more.

Additionally, the collection of reception desks at room service 360° includes colorful options as well as styles rooted in elegant and natural materials. These products feature the most sophisticated craftsmanship and manufacturing technologies. Some of the finishes available for contemporary reception desks include the following options.

  • Laminate - available in an array of colors and textures to create a bright and colorful atmosphere in the reception area
  • Wood - Brings a rustic, nature-inspired vibe to any setting that is incredibly sturdy and supportive
  • Glass - Available in transparent finishes that give the reception area an elegant, delicate look

A striking collection developed for the innovative commercial spaces that require architectural integrity, these modern reception desks are born from the collaboration between sophisticated production and innovative designer. Characterized by simple geometric shapes, internal and external quality and harmonious finish options, these reception desks resolve the dialogue between the necessary and the beautiful ready to be realized with utmost interior ingenuity.

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