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36e8 0704 TV Stand #15279

by Daniele Lago for Lago

The 36e8 0704 TV Stand is no longer available.

We kept the records for your convenience, but keep in mind: this product cannot be ordered any more.
  • description

    The 36e8 0704 TV stand by Lago makes a grand impression in a modern home. The sleek style fits in well with the rest of your modern furnishings. By incorporating a flap-door compartment, shelf, and spacious TV area, it allows for countless storage and display opportunities. The interior compartments keep items organized, and are perfect for storing electronics. Thanks to the optional IR-repeater, you can still use remotes even when the non-transparent doors are closed. It works by having two connecting pieces that are plugged in, with one piece on top you point to remote at and the other inside of the compartment. 

    Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, the 36e8 0704 TV stand is available in two sizes with an optional cable duct. The front and back panel comes in glass finishes, while the frame comes in an array of matte lacquers. 

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Lago is a family-run furniture company in Northeast Italy. After only a few years, Lago has gained a respected reputation with success internationally because of its minimalistic and eye-catching dining tables, end tables, consoles, beds, and chairs.
  • details
    • Designed by Daniele Lago
    • Part of the 36e8 collection 
    • Two sizes are available 
    • An optional cable duct is available 
    • The IR-repeater must be plugged in and comes with one or two transmitters
    • The IR-repeater comes with an interior and exterior piece
    • Various polished and matte xlgass finishes are available for the front
    • The back panel comes in polished glass
    • The frame comes in matte lacquer finishes 
    • Extra-clear glass supports
    • The grommet hole is always included
    • Manufactured in Italy 
  • dimensions
    • 79¾"W × 16" D × 27¾"H
    • 94¼"W × 16" D × 27¾"H
  • design

    designed by

    Daniele Lago

    Born in 1972 in Italy and the youngest of ten brothers, Daniele Lago is the head of design and Chief Executive Officer at Lago. After a career in volleyball, Daniele joined the family business and began putting his own spin on product design, eventually working up to be head of the company. Lago is a highly profitable business, selling products around the world, which in part is due to Daniele's unique designs. He believes that products should be centered around people and should start conversations and dialogues. Contrast, colors, modularity are some features he focuses on for his products.

    The company Lago acts as a reference point for companies around the world. Daniele designs pieces for every room of the house and pays incredible attention to detail, making them last for the long haul. Each product is one-of-a-kind and sure to make a statement in a contemporary setting.

    manufactured by


    Lago is a relatively new family-run furniture company that is located in Northeast Italy. After only a few short years, Lago has gained a respected reputation with success both locally and internationally because of their minimalistic and eye-catching dining tables, end tables, consoles, beds, and chairs. Each product has a careful selection of sustainable materials, in addition to having meticulous attention to detail. Though the profiles are simple, they make grand impressions in modern homes and have a timeless style. 

    Lago's products are easily customized and use innovative and experimental techniques to create eye-catching products people love. Choose between different materials, such as wood, glass, ceramic, and upholstered options for versatility. The products are highly adaptable and fit in well with modern décor.

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    36e8 0704 TV Stand

    36e8 0704 TV Stand

    by Daniele Lago for Lago
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