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O Bookcase #13806

by Marco Fumagalli for Cierre

This product has been discontinued

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  • description

    The O bookcase by Cierre has a dual personality as a practical storage solution as well as a sculptural piece of decor. With O-shaped elements incorporated into the sturdy shelves, it creates a vibrant juxtaposition between the different finishes and sizes. The playful use of geometry makes this an ideal focal point in a modern home. There is ample space on the shelves for reading materials and pieces of contemporary decor.

    Manufactured in Italy to ensure quality, the O bookcase comes with a high degree of customization. The cylinders are upholstered in an array of leather options, and the shelves come in a variety of wood finishes. The frame is finished in matte grey metal.

    • country of origin:Italy
    • Assembly Required:Yes
    • Shipping Charges:free
    Founded in 1972, Cierre is an innovative Italian leather sofa manufacturer that has grown and evolved over the years, making them both nationally and internationally acclaimed. Cierre personifies "made in Italy" traditions, quality and modern design.
  • details
    • Designed by Marco Fumagalli 
    • Supporting frame in matte grey paint metal
    • Laminated wood shelves available in walnut or smoked ash or in patterned multi-laminated poplar wood
    • 11¾" diameter cylinders are covered in various leather finishes 
    • Manufactured in Italy
  • dimensions
    • 78¾"W × 14¼" D × 78¾"H
  • design

    designed by

    Marco Fumagalli

    The multi-talented Marco Fumagalli is an Italian designer and architect with many accolades to his name. He is a successful product designer, residential architect, interior designer, and designs public spaces such as bars, clubs, exhibitions, spas, and salons. He started an internationally successful design firm fifteen years ago and focuses on research, whether it is new techniques or new materials.

    Fumagalli collaborates with an array of prestigious Italian brands in the furniture sector, including Bimax, Martex, Giellesse, Cierre, ArteRovereAntico, Formal, Palazzetti, and many more. His products are geometrically inspired, using eye-catching curves and sharp angles in a bold way. His award-winning designs are popular around the globe, and his products are ideal additions to contemporary settings.

    manufactured by


    Founded in 1972 by Romano and Cesarina Conficconi, Cierre is an innovative Italian leather manufacturer that has grown and evolved over the years, making them both nationally and internationally respected. Romano was the first in the industry to have a company that incorporates the full production cycle, from design to production to a finished product, and that has made him an innovator in the field. Cierre personifies "made in Italy" traditions, quality and modern design through dynamic approaches to manufacturing and a steadfast commitment to hand made leather furniture.

    With a large production facility and a substantial team of craftsmen, Cierre has been consistent in manufacturing creative and essential leather furniture like sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, chaise lounges and beds with designs that are current and relevant. The outcome of decades of manufacturing experience makes Cierre one of the most quality-and-design focused Italian establishments that continues to reinvent itself to meet the needs of people worldwide with confidence, respect, and future-oriented mindset.

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    O Bookcase

    O Bookcase

    by Marco Fumagalli for Cierre
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